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Travel Converter for travel abroad, study abroad, business office convenience

Release Time: 2016/8/6 15:45:32

Travel converter electrician electrical outlet named converter. Plug side is called the public, not one side is called the mother of the socket. When traveling abroad is a need to use the electrical products, because each country has different standard socket, as it turned conversion plug and socket between different countries or regions, which allows smooth access to electrical power. So, people will usually called such conversion socket travel converter. Popular travel converters typically no change in voltage.

Adaptor AC Adaptor is also divided into DC converter with socket, people
Various trips converter
Various trips converter (7)
 Usually it refers to the travel converter electrician electrical industry in the AC adapter socket. Travel Converter There are many types, including single plug, a plurality of plugs (multi-function, GSM), with a transformer function and so on. Because a lot of variety, consumers need to combine their own use as a reasonable choice. If only go to a country, to choose a single converter will travel lighter, and cost savings; to many countries such as select more suitable for versatile, usually set in one of a variety of plugs, thus will not need to bring a variety of plug annoyed.

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